I have a router acting as a DMVPN HUB & Voice gateway Router that is connecting to my ISP for MPLS & SIP service over the same interface.
I have QoS policy-map named POLICY that is applied to the physical interface facing the ISP. Now I want to apply a LLQ QOS to my DMVPN tunnel.
I have seen that I cannot apply CBWFQ to both tunnel and Physical to specify the bandwith capacity of the link (i got error when i did this).
I contacted Cisco TAC and they told me it is not possible to implement it like that.
I believe there should be a way around this, experts what will be your recommendation?
How can i achieve qos for the sip traffic going through my physical interface to the service provider and achieve qos for the traffic passing through the tunnel?

=============POLICY FOR PHYSICAL INTERFACE=======================

class-map match-any Classify-best-effort
description *Best Effort Class *
match dscp default

class-map match-any Classify-network-ctrl
description * Network Control *
match dscp cs7
match dscp cs6

class-map match-any Classify-voice
description * Voice Class *
match dscp ef
match dscp cs5

policy-map Traffic-Control
class Classify-voice
priority percent 20

class Classify-network-ctrl
bandwidth percent 20

class Classify-best-effort
bandwidth percent 40
random-detect dscp-based

policy-map POLICY
class class-default
shape average 200000000
service-policy Traffic-Control

=====================POLICY FOR DMVPN TUNNEL====================

ACL-XX-NETWORK matches some services

class-map match-all CM-BC-NETWORK
match access-group name ACL-XX-NETWORK

priority 500000

policy-map BC-PARENT
class class-default
shape average 100000000
service-policy BC-QOS-SURVEILLANCE

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