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This course is not followable. Please remove the course. Eric is jumping between different terminal screens, without any warning or notice given, and loading up new text .py files without any explanation, or forewarning. To follow along with the course, I have to enter many lines of text without making a typo (and pray he does not make a typo/mistake along the way - which he does). The course is horrible.


  • The fix is to:
    1) screen capture the entire course, 1 "chapter" at a time
    2) I have Eric's book. His book (which is excellent), as in other books by his publisher, publishes the "code bundle" for his book on github - which is absolutely stellar, please see https://github.com/PacktPublishing/Mastering-Python-Networking
    3) There is no code bundle published with this course, as far as I know (I am going through the course again)
    4) Create your own github repository for the course. There is a course on ine about github and the course is absolutely outstanding.

    The problem with the course is that he is eternally typing at the bottom of the screen and, if I pause the course to follow along interactively, the browser hides everything he types. The only viable solution is to record the entire course and then redo the course. This doubles the length of the course. However, the alternative has lead to a 7 times length of the course.

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