Destination IP NAT to

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, I need to provide a solution in my office, the current setup is, there are 100~ users, & they connect to one of the 3 listed (,, etc)WAN servers on port TCP 4728 for MS patch updates, now we have commissioned a new server "" in there Local datacenter, since the user count is a lot, it will be very tedious process to change configuration on users machine to connect this new server.

What we want to achieve is to perform some kind of NAT configuration which translate only the Destination IP address, for example user1(x.x.x.x -> translate (x.x.x.x ->, user2(x.x.x.x-> (x.x.x.x-> the attached diagram has more information and please help me to implement.. or suggest if there is any other way. regards

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