BB router config for INE CCNP R&S workbook topology

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this was already posted before, but I haven't found any topics related to this request.

I've recently bought the CCNP R&S workbooks from and was planning on implementing the topologies in GNS3 ( 4 routers, 3 switches and 2 BB routers).

What would really be helpful would be the actual configurations for the BB1 and BB2 routers, without which I wouldn't be able to succesfully lab the workbooks.

I assume that the CCNP R&S topology from the workbooks is part of the larger R&S diagram, but it's not very intuitive which nodes from the larger diagram are represented in the CCNP topology.

Does anyone have the BB router's initial configs and a more detailed diagram ? Or could someone at least point which nodes from the R&S larger topology (the one with 6 routers, 4 switches and 3 BB routers) are being used in the CCNP workbooks ?

Thank you in advance,

RADA Bogdan-Adrian


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