Returning Lapsed CCNA: Take separate exams or composite?

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I passed CCNA composite about 10 years ago (and also the SWITCH exam for CCNP track) but, have let it lapse (oddly enough while working for Cisco).

I work actively on network admin/design on a daily basis but, most of that doesn't require me to look at standard timers/intervals unless there's a problem so, that is the area where I feel the least comfortable (the rote memory stuff).

My question is: Should I work through ICND1 and 2 separately or just work towards taking the composite?

My thinking was that I would chunk it down since my work is a bit more time-intensive now than it was when I first tested for CCNA and, since I intend on pursuing through CCIE (R&S) the additional focus spent on basics won't hurt me.

If I proceed with this approach, I'm giving myself a month to study pre-exam.

Does that sound reasonable? Is anyone of the opinion that just taking the composite is a better approach?

Interested in hearing other viewpoints or, if anyone was in a similar situation what you did and whether or not you were happy with your particular approach or would have done things differently.



  • 2 exams option is easier to study and pass. Work or not work in Networking field u still need to review topics cause of new things are added; some of those u don;'t and won't touch in real life.

    see CLN site to get advice for a similar Qs

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    I think the approach I'm going to take is to go through the bootcamp video series, review specific technology areas that I don't work with on a regular basis (IPv6, review the various protocol timers) and then take a practice exam and use the results to focus in on areas I still need work on.

    I agree that new subjects have been added and I will need to get up to speed on them, however, after considering my options, I think since I passed the composite initially on my first attempt (with very little networking experience), I should be able to do so now after working in the industry for years.

    Of course, if I don't do well on the practice exam, I have the option of going back to the 2 exam options.

    We'll see how that works anyway. I'll reply to this thread with my results/progress.

    Thanks for the input.


  • well, since You passed the composite initially on my first attempt You can go same route again.

    Good Luck!

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