Question about the CCIE Security Topology

I have a question about the CCIE Security Topology.

This Topology includes a Default Gateway with multiple Sub-interfaces;** one for each VLAN** (10, 20, 30, etc.)

The question is: What specific device is configured as a Default GW?

Is it another CSR1000v Router?

I mean, the List of devices includes:

2 x 2911 Physical Routers
2 x 3750 Physical Switches
10 x CSR1000v Virtual Router

I think that the Default GW MUST be a Virtual Device (not one of the Physical Routers or Switches)

But the question is:** Is it one of the TEN CSR1000v Routers?**

Or is it yet another CSR1000v Router, in which case there would be 11 x CSR1000v Routers.

Could somebody shed some light one this?

Thank you!

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