I post this for a confirmation
If I deploy and ESXi on Cisco UCS blade, do we agree on trafic path from the guest OS to the external:
1. Guest OS want to send a packet, src=@IP,1 dst=@IP2
2. ARP request is sent toward bcast mac @ = 0xfff.fff.fff
3. Local vmNIC sends this packet to DVS (?)
4. DVS forward it out the blade to the IOM (UCS FEX)
5. Blade send this frame out
6. Frame is received by an Fabric Interconnect, let say FI-A, thanks to static pinning
7. FI-A forward it to Cisco nx5k5 (I am referencing the INE classic Lab infrastructure)
8. nx5k5 send this frame out the destination (let say another guest in another blade), going via a dedicated broadcast link
9. ARP response will follow the reverse path

Is this path consistent ?
What if I have vm-fex, adapter-fex or vic card used in the path ?


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