Compatibility issue between S5700 eth-trunk and linux bond0 modes

The current network environment as shown below:
We have two S5700 are stacked together, server respectively connected with 2 switches, the corresponding 2 switch port configuration eth-trunk, The corresponding two network cards in server as bond (mode 0), connected with the switch.The Server's gateway is configured on the switch.

When the system is running, everything is normal, but recently (already ran for more than a year) to access the Server through the Internet, the serious packet loss (about 30% packet loss), troubleshooting for a long time to find a solution is to eth-trunk A port shutdown normal, and this port is fixed, if shutdown another port in the eth-trunk group, still lost.

So,is there any problem with the compatibility between Huawei S5700 eth-trunk and linux bond0 modese?

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