Chromecast for videos?

I am a longtime All Access Pass member and am out in the field and away from my normal setup. I have a Google Chromecast and can’t seem to find a way to play the videos over it. Got a cert renewal exam coming up and need to brush up, and would like to watch the videos on the TV vs. an iPad.

Anyone help with this?


  • MartinLosikMartinLosik ✭✭✭
    edited April 2018

    Check your security settings,
    Try Firefox Mozilla browser.
    I think INE added option to watch online via html

  • Yep, it was me. Since I am remote and leaving my VPN going 24/7, that was the problem. Only discovered when I tried to update chrome extensions and got a deny from the proxy page going out to Google. Disconnect VPN and worked like a charm. Thanks for the sanity check, Martin.

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