INE CCIE R&S Lab Topology in EVE-NG

Has anyone built the INE lab topology in EVE-NG. What's the best way to connect it. Do I connect all my routers to a breakout switch and the break out switch connect to the 4 other switches? Please let me know or if there's documentation on this already?


  • use a breakout switch, simpler or easier and clearer.
    INE main lab needs only 10 routers 4-5 switches, so u should not need lot of resources like ram, cpu power. after switching labs, u will not need those 4 switches at all.

    if u need save on resources for some reason (doing labs on laptop), do not use breakout switch .

  • Can my breakout switch be virtual (IOU). Also, any documentation out there on how configure EVE to communicate with a physical breakout switch as far nic settings

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    Yes, INE lab setup in VMware with csr1000 virtual routers has virtual switch inside VMware server or workstation

    Eve can run all virtual routers and switches. There is option to connect with real gear. Check Eve site or forum for help

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    I have built the INE topology to work in EVE-NG, using vIOS-L3 and vIOS-L2, so you have everything in one place. However, the interface numbering is changing. For the Routers not that bad, but for the switches a bit more :smile:

    I'm working on another two versions for EVE-NG, one using CSR1000v and vIOS-L2 and the other using CSR1000v and real switches (if you have such scenario).

    I've adapted also the initial configuration files to fit the above interfaces, both for Routers and Switches. The only problem is that I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the modified initial configuration files. They are public to download, but still belong to INE.

    @Brian McGahan @INE_CustomerService , - would it be OK to share the modified initial configuration files for vIOS?

    @ejeangilles - if it's ok for INE then I'll gladly share the initial configuration files. Otherwise I can share only the topology files to be imported in EVE-NG. I assume you have the vIOS files.


  • in my EVE-NG environment i have both the vIOS/IOL topology and the CSR100v topology.
    the CSR topology seems to be very resource taxing, whereas the vIOS is not. I'll be connecting the environment to my switch environment as well but would like to run independent of the external gear, so any initial configs for the vIOS switch's would be helpful and appreciated.

  • Hi Yotis,

    I am planning to build the INE topology as well using EVE-NG running in ESXi. I will use the CSR1000v inside the EVE-NG and IOSvL2 for switches. May I know if you can share the initial configurations for this setup? Would be a great healp! :smile:

  • if u purchased wb from INE u should see downloads on right page of wb screen. from there u can download all initial files. those configs must be converted to your lab (interfaces scheme )

  • yotisyotis ✭✭

    @ponzki - Here you have them:

    CSR1000v for routers and vIOS-L2 for virtual switches (with the configuration adapted only for switches, since the router ones are the same)


    vIOS-L3 for router and vIOS-L2 for virtual switches ( configuration adapted for all devices to match the actual interface naming of the vIOS)


  • Calin,
    I have improved on your topology in a configuration-management sense. I have built out the topology/configs for IOL/IOSv/CSR1000v and provided config packs for each. The main difference here is that I have a guide to move all of the configurations to the devices permanently. This allows you to quickly and easily switch between initial configurations, which is a huge time saver in the long run.

    For example I can send "config replace flash:config/authenticating.bgp.peerings.cfg force" to all active sessions, and immediately configure the entire topology to the new initial config in a few seconds.

    Here is a link to my blog entry that covers it (I did give you credit because I saw your topology before making my own):

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