I have purchased the CCIE Workbook and I am very confused about the ine topollogy.


  • I would like to get a clear explanation on the physical names of each interface on the routers?
    I woud like to know the IPv4 addresses configured on each router?
    I would like to know which physcial interfaces are connected to other routers and to the switches?

    Please advice

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    what u attached above is logical topology. look at physical topo at begining of wb. all routers connect to a switch. there is a 1 physical link from router to switch.

    INE uses CSR virtual routers which have only gigabit interfaces, gig0 and gig 1. INE uses subinterface as there is only one link from router to switch. so, g1.100 is gig1 sub interface 100. g1.45 is same gig interface but subinterace 45. etc.

    if u do not use CSR routers or rent INErack, then u must convert their interfaces to meet your gear. i.e. gns3 routers will have gig0/0 or fastethernet 0/0. IOU/IOL uses e0/0 thru e0/3.

    if u doing labs from main wb, make sure u load correct initial configuration files, those should provided u with IPs.

    use CDP to match interfaces ; also use physical topo at begining of wb

  • Hi

    Many thanks for your reply. I have attached the physical topology. My next questions are:

    Which interfaces are physically connected from each router to the switch?
    Which how many and which VLAN numbers are confugred on the switch?
    On which interfaces are dot1Q trunks configured on the switch?

    Please advice

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    well, routers are inside of a cloud. that usually means virtual routers. hypervisor box icon confirms that routers are virtual.
    ine rack set up is csr1000v images as routers inside of a vmware server, so routers are connected to a virtual switch. which connects to real switch via trunk .
    there are several other posts about building v5 lab in this forum. u can use gns3 for routing labs.

    switches are real gear, i think c3750 or c3560, interfaces names are listed on picture

    every subinterface is a vlan, so use l3 diagram to get vlans id , i,e. g1.100 is vlan 100. g1.44 is vlan 45, etc.

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