Home lab with CSR1000v and ESXi 6.5

There are numerous articles on creating a home lab using CSR1000's however many are very out of date and for older ESXi 6.0

Does anyone have any guides/links on setting this up with the INE lab workbooks in mind? (and if possible for ESX 6.5)
Or there a better way to do home lab this now using something else?



  • Hey there Mark - I was curious to see if you ever got this figured out yet.

    I had just finished setting up mine this last weekend and everything was pretty straightforward on version 6.5. The main reference video I had followed was the following:

    Also the key difference between older guides/videos is that they show you using the ESXi Client instead of the new Web interface in version 6.5.

  • How reliable is to emulate SW ITCH for CCIE R&S, can you please do a video ???

  • Hi cfaerman and mark101,

    What are the specs of your machines?


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