QoS strategy question

Not really related to the exam but it's the level I'm pursuing at the moment.

I have a customer that has a 20Mbps up and down link from their provider with a router that the provider manages (so no getting on that) and that links to a Cisco ASA that they do manage themselves. When a windows pc on the network starts updating, all other hosts drop their RDP sessions due to starvation which are the most important of that little company.

I'll be capturing and analysing all their downstream and upstream traffic next tuesday to identify the rdp ports and potential other important traffic they need.

I suggested to implement some kind of QoS strategy to prevent bandwidth starvation.

Since the starvation happens especially downstream the classification and action taking will be at the ASA. What strategy do you guys recommend would be best?

I was thinking about trying to get a hold of the total avg bandwidth of the RDP sessions and put that in a priority queue and then police inbound on the class-default to the total bandwidth minus the priority amount of bandwidth. Would this be sufficient or do I also need some other strategies like random dropping to achieve this goal?

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