Workbook flow and initial configs

I'm a little confused. I just purchased the workbook ( online only? no physical presentation?) and i'm starting at the beginning, layer 2. I'm confused at the flow, i'm at the layer 2 access ports lab, completed that, vlan 169 can ping yadda yadda. I go to layer 2 dynamic ports lab and then what? do I start over completely with a fresh set of initial configs in the switches? or do they build on each other? there's only one set of configs for the switches that each lab references. then on the dot 1q native vlan lab, you reference vlan 149 in the last steps but nowhere does it say create it, now I can assume that it must exist and create it, but in the IE test, so much emphasis is placed on not creating anything that isn't explicitly asked for, that i'm worried i'm not getting in the right mind set. again, if there were specific configs for each section, it wouldn't be a big deal, but there aren't that I can find. thoughts??


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