What sort of content would you like to see from INE in 2018?

Hello Everyone!

Here at INE we've made it our new years resolution to provide all of our students with newer, even better courses and content than before. We have a lot of really exciting plans in the works, however, we'd love to hear from all of you about what sort of content you'd like to see added in 2018. If you're interested in a specific topic, have industry related questions, or are seeking advice regarding your CCIE Journey or IT career let us know! We'll take your comments into consideration as we write new courses and post content to the INE blog.


  • Complete the v5 security workbooks and rack rentals.

  • More detailed ACI videos! I feel as if this area could be expanded GREATLY. Its a great start but there is still a truck ton that hasn't been covered yet. Along those lines, F5 (or ASA) integration into ACI.

    CCNA/CCNP level cloud videos. Thats going to be my next track, but I don't even see a section for it yet?!?!?

    Mentioned it in another post but a link between the workbooks and the videos. Sometimes trying to find a video on a workbook is brutal (searching sometimes works). Often times you have to dig to find the right video.

  • Fully functional Security racks and v5 workbooks

  • Finish the Data Center v2 labs before v3 comes out.

    In addition, how about getting rd of the spam posts on the forums?

  • ccie security v5 workbook

  • Redo of all Riker videos. His videos make me regret my annual subscription.

  • VMware plssssss :)

  • Please include F5 GTM and Netscaler LB/GSLB /Content Switching/ URL rewrite/URL redirection etc.

  • CCIE V5 Security Workbook

    CCIE V5 program start more than one and half years know still INE did not publish the CCIE V5 Security Workbook ?

    Any schedule date for publishing the workbook ?

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