INE MOCK LAB TS1/2 question (not too technical)

Hi guys,
there is restriction in labs : don't change protocol boundaries.
In the ticket 1 of TS MOCK LAB1 , there is a case you can solve the ticket by only changing loopback0 to be part of area1 rather than area0 which is configured.Mr.Brian in video says that you can't do that because of the restriction (mentioned above).
But in ticket 2 of TS MOCK LAB2 he does use this method.Of course, there is not normal way to make ticket resolved (because nssa does not accept type 5 LSA and you can't touch R10).

So, is this restriction really indicates that you can't even change area number or process number of interface? My mind remind me that there were labs (ine other vendors) in which I used changing area/process number as a solution ,and there were right.


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