Why the CCIE R&S track?

I'm curious as to what makes you want to pursue the CCIE R&S track? I work for a VAR and we're a gold level partner with Cisco and all the partner training is geared towards Cisco's hybrid SDN model. The CCIE is a hop by hop configuration lab using the cli and anyone who goes to Cisco's website will see they're advocating just the opposite for today networks. While having a solid R&S background is still important you don't have to be a CCIE to have that. I'm not bashing the CCIE I made one attempt and was preparing for my 2nd when I decided to focus more on python, ansible, restful api's Yang and other area's that fit more into the automation model. In the time I spent prepping the CCIE I learned a great deal and any certs or training I've done since then pales in comparison but you have to admit the fact that Cisco now promotes their DNA, SD-Access approach and says hop by hop configs using the cli is a thing of the past and yet their Expert level cert track uses hop by hop configs and the cli to me is reason to consider whether or not your time could be better spent. As I said earlier having a solid R&S background still is very important but you don't need to be a CCIE to have CCIE level experience. Also, I personally believe that's why the business model for INE looks like it's changed and there seems to be new videos coming out but the labs are behind.


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