VLSM, Subnetting Question

Hey guys,
so I was watching the videos and Keith gave this example:
Using this network:
create a subnetwork for 220 hosts, and another one for 45 hosts.
I know that going to /24 we can support 254 hosts. So Keith listed the network the following way: and what is the max range here? He didn't provide the sample. And he moved on to the next network for 45 hosts this way: to

My question is, why is it x.x.1.0??? How does this work? Can someone please break it down for me.
Also, what's the max range for this network for 254 hosts with a subnet mask of /24? Is it I'm lost here.

Please help!!



  • Hey Martini,
    Thanks for clearing this up. I've actually been doing a lot of subnetting practice since I made this post and now I got it down. Your answer made it even clearer and I appreciate that. Your breakdown made things even simpler, I feel more confident doing these problems now.

    Thank you.

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