Hardware error I have not seen - "Unknown Frequency"

I've got a 2951 Router that we just received, and when I went to load up a config file, I am seeing the message "Unknown Frequency" about every 10-15 on the console. It does not register in the log, in fact it doesn't even have a facility code with it. Just the message. I can't seem to find anything else on it, wondering if anyone else has seen this. The router has 15.2(4)M6a IOS, 512MB DRAM, licensed for Data and Security, some 4 port serial HWIC cards, and a SM-D-ES3G-48-P module in slot 2. I've had no other issues with this design in other routers.

Thanks in advance.


  • A year late...but I just ran into this problem when I was installing a serial connection to another site. We set our converters that our interfaces were using to 16Mbps instead of the 8Mbps that our serial interfaces were capable of.

    Once we changed to 8Mbps we stopped receiving that error.

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