CSR1000v Home Lab - Management

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I'm planning to build a CSR1Kv home lab. My concern is maintenance and how do you run it at home. Specifically, do you leave the server powered on even though you're at work or do you power it off when you leave? If you do power it off, doesn't it take a while for all the VMs to completely boot again specially if you're running 20+ nodes?

Any inputs will be appreciated.

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  • I advice you to use a VSPHERE with multiple CSR routers running all time. Take into account that you will need to create one Virtual Machine segment for each network.
    If you don't understand I can share some outputs.
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    Thanks for responding. Yes, can you please explain further? With the specific feature that you are referring to, does that mean the CSR VMs won't need to boot up again when you power back the server?

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