Design for Enterprise WAN

Good day

I don't know if this is te correct forum, but seeing that this is for Design experts, maybe someone can help me.

I need some input on a design requirement I have. I'm busy with a new design for our company, we currently have 3 DC's onsite at a campus (HQ), but we have decided to move the DC's offsite to 5 different co-location facilities. For the WAN network, we will run 40 Gbps Fibre between the DC's for connectivity. All 5 sites (WAN devices 2- per site) will participate in IGP (OSPF), MPLS and BGP, so basically a collapsed P/PE design. The devices (hardware) I'm considering is the following:

NCS 5011 with QSFP + BIDI sfp's.

Please can someone vet this device for the requirement or recommend additional devices? Comments on the design as below is welcome as well.

Please note ASR9000's are our or our budget range.



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