Private IP Address host range

I know the Private Address range is - - -
with default subnet masks as per classes
but when i am trying to find how many hosts in private ip address range i found in wikipedia - /12
i don't understand why 12bits are network bits


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Great practice question. Notice where the mask bits line up with the possible networks. Anything to the right of the network addresses would be potential hosts. -

         172      16
     10101100    0001 0000 
         172      31
     10101100    0001 1111
     11111111    1111

    It is important to understand that the subnet mask can be anything /12+ -- as long as it is between 12 and 32. Anything shorter would fall outside the private range. This would also change your number of possible hosts.

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