failed my Second attempt (Here is my notes)

This is my second attempt, the first on was on jun 2015. This time i was well prepared although things didn't go the way i want .

before i share my experience i would like to mention that INE material is so comprehensive and very well organized , nothing in the real exam ( technology speaking ) that is not in the workbooks or discussed in the ATC .

One draw back of INE full scale labs is that they didnt give you the real experience of the real lab ( the interface and the complexity of the topology )

The real lab topology is way huge and complex , add to that the time constrains and the atmosphere .

The only reason that someone could fail is nontechnical matters ( time management , stress management, strategy in terms of what task to do first and how to group the tasks ) .

the last three months i focused on full scale labs . A useful thing i did is that i build part of the topology and practice that part alone , playing with the protocols in that part .

i am thinking to come back two months from now , this time i am sure i am going to nail it dawn .



  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Three-times-is-a-charm for many people. Good luck.

  • Go for it buddy, never give up.

  • Hi, I am trying to decide whether I am ready to take my first attempt, if you get a chance read my post that I just put up and give me your thoughts please, would be great.

    Have you gone through the Cisco 360 workbook labs? I have recently and have heard they are closer to the actual lab in terms of how questions are asked, etc. They seem quite different to the layout and questioning of INE's stuff so seem useful to get used to as well.

    And all the best for your third attempt, I like your positive attitude, you will nail it In Shaa Allah! :)

  • Good luck next time!

  • IbraheemoIbraheemo
    edited November 2018

    hello friends and CCIE chasers , this Thursday 8 Nov is my third time to the Lab , i am looking to pass this time :)

  • Hello Friends,

    This is to inform you that i failed this time also, TS pass, Diag Pass, failed CFG

  • Sorry to hear that, would be 3rd time a charm ?

  • not sure if i am going to try again, it cost alot , i have to find out how would i fund the next try

  • Sorry to hear that. But to be honest I really appreciate the job that you are doing. for sure its not cheap. its $1600. its not easy.
    For my personal view. Never give up. You should look at your CFG wrong steps and learn from your mistake. keep studying because you will forget what you learned since most of the technologies are not used in real life.
    For me, study -study and study then let your BOSS/Manager pay your next Schedule exam.

    Really appreciated .. Thumbs up for the effort. Good luck for the 4th attempt and you will pass this time.

  • IbraheemoIbraheemo
    edited January 2019

    Thank you Nour, . It feels very good to see people who you dont know or ever met , pushing you and encourage you achieving your goals , Thank you again

    Unfortunately i am working for a financial institution, which does not pay for such a certificate so i am going to fund myself .

    Now i am going the distance with the fourth round in May 2019..... DING DING :)

  • Hello INE Team, It is great to read all these encouraging stories. May be I should post this in INE forum related to CCIE LAB Location but I could not see any new updates there. I have to attempt the lab before Mach 19th that my written gets expired. I know that I am not ready. However, after trying to schedule something in USA, I found out they have closed two locations in recent months and one location is being offered which is totally full until May. I wanted to see if anybody has experience with Dubai CCIE RNS Location. Also, I wanted to check if there is still any hope that I can keep checking the scheduling website and something closer by pops up. Has anybody experienced this before. Thank you so much

  • Hello Ellie

    I live in middle east, all my 3 attempts were in Dubai.

    The exam center atmosphere is very good, nothing went bad during the exam ( slow routers , or sudden shutdown of the environment ) .

    The proctor there is very helpful .

    you can reserve in Holiday express hotel in internet city , it is 10 minutes walking, away from the exam center .

    My advice, don't go if you are not ready although you will lose your written , i tried this in my first attempts and costs me more if was ready for the LAB. Cisco will be happy to have your money two times .

    study for the LAB for until you feel ready then go to written , then go to the lab a month later , in this case you will only pay extra for written , rather that 1600 USD X 2.
    in case you pass the LAB .


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