Convert ip address to mac address and vice versa

is there any way to convert ip to mac address format and mac address to ip address
since two addresses are independent (one is decimal and other one is hexadecimal )
i know about arp mapping, i am asking about actual math behind that.
Thanks in advance.


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hi arreddy,
    There is a way to map Multicast IP Addresses to a multicast mac-address. And there is math (as well as overlap of addresses). But that is another story. You are asking about unicast ip addresses.

    Unicast mac-addresses reflect hardware-addresses. The mac-address is unique to that interface.


    Take a look at your local interfaces. You will see different mac-address tied to the different interfaces. In fact, the mac will be there, if there is no ip address configured. After configuring the ip address, does the mac-address change? nope

    When your device responds with to an arp for an ip address on that interface, it will respond with that same interface mac-address.

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