Cisco VIRL PE-30 node discontinued

Hi folks,
Cisco just told me my 30 node VIRL licence expires in 30 days, and that it has been discontinued. I can now only get a PE-20 node licence.

Does this mean there area whole bunch of INE topologies for R&S v5 that I can't start? Has INE moved to GNS3 now, since Cisco's incomprehensible message to the learning community with the 30 node product removal?



  • Did anybody try this?



  • Are there any updates in this regard? I've just upgraded my computer and already intended to purchase VIRL and suddenly realized that I won't be able to start full scale INE labs on it... VIRL is useless now... so frustrating, don't know what to do next...

  • They got rid of the 30 node license. It is possible to use GNS3 and there are other options:
    INE Lab time
    Cisco 360 labs

  • but those labs are paid on per hour basis... using virl I could pay $199 for a whole year and practice on workbooks any time, even during free time periods on my work...
    As I understand the only choice I have now is plain old buddy GNS3. Does INE have pre-built lab versions for it? I haven't found.

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    @survivorman said:
    As I understand the only choice I have now is plain old buddy GNS3. Does INE have pre-built lab versions for it? I haven't found.

    For VIRL or GNS3?

    For VIRL there is the INE GitHub, but the only thing useful due to the 20 device restriction now is the Advanced Technology Labs and perhaps the Foundation Labs.

    Prebuilt for GNS3, not from INE I believe. Google search ine gns3 topology download

    You could also look into the EVE-NG community or EVE-NG Pro for a cost. Big difference from VIRL is doesn't include any devices images/licenses. One can run up to a 1024 device topology, of course dependent on resources available on the system running it. Built in Docker version of Wireshark on the PRO version, nice feature.

  • So ... after asking INE support the official response is:

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    Hello Garfje,
    I sincerely apologize for the delay in responding back from you. I have received and update from my Data Center Manager regarding the Cisco VIRL.
    As far as he knows we are not planning on creating VIRL configurations for these workbooks (CCIE R&S and CCIS Security). It would be up to each instructor to create the VIRL configs.
    There are only a couple of workbooks that had VIRL configs and these workbooks are for the separate bootcamps - the primary one being the Service Provider Bootcamp Workbook.
    Further information per my Data Center Manager:
    "We provide VIRL configs for many of the workbooks including the SPv4 assessment labs. While there are 24 virtual devices in the CCIE Routing & Switching v5 Full Scale & Troubleshooting / Service Provider v4 rack, the SPv4 labs do not use all of them at the same time.
    We do not use VIRL in our racks, so we are not limited by VIRL's 20 device limit."
    "(with out a VIRL config) they need to add the devices to the VIRL topology, define virtual networking and then apply the configs from the workbook task."
    I do hope this clarifies some questions you had regarding the VIRL configs. You may always send in support inquiries to [email protected], we are working on new processes to improve our response time to deeper technical questions. Please let me know if you have any further questions, we are closed on the weekends and will be closed this coming Monday for Labor Day. We will return to the office Tuesday 8am EST.
    Austin Shelton
    Customer Service
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    So there it is. No official support from INE for Cisco VIRL, and the larger workbooks for CCIE R&S for example are too big for a 20 node VIRL build.

    Hope this helps.


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