A question about where I should start

I am new here and I have been out of networking for a while, my current job doesn't really use it. I still have a current ccna but I feel like I have lost much of what I learned achieving it(maybe not) but definitely rusty. My question is, can I hop into a CCNP track and it will end up re-emphasizing what I may have lost or forgotten or should I act as if I didn't get my CCNA and approach networking from the very beginning again? I do have an all access pass.


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    If you already have the CCNA cert, then I say go forward with the CCNP. It will be a little less broad on technologies, but it will go deeper into its given technologies.

    In anything in life, it is good to constantly refresh our knowledge. Thus the reason, all of the vendors require renewals on their certs. But since you recognize this in yourself, then it should be a good motivator for do this on your own time, without paying more money and time on the certification.

    That is my take. I am interested in hearing others opinions on this.

  • Hey Joe,
    Thanks for the response. I agree with what you are saying and am also curious to hear anyone else's take on the issue.

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