No Console Output on Cisco 3560G

Hi all

I am starting to get back into the hands on side of Cisco and am setting up a small test lab from some redundant stock (they probably have old configuration on them). I have set up a couple of laptops with console access to the 2x devices i have.

Firstly i have a 3560E, this boots up OK and give feedback on Putty throughout the sequence. at the end of the boot i am able to do basic commands and get into EN mode etc without issue (so this has proven the laptops (x2), the cable, the application (Putty etc).

Then i have 3560G when i move the console connection from the laptop to connect here and boot up, i get nothing on the screen at all - NADA - ZIP!! - I leave it some time, revisit, still nothing, i press enter etc, still nothing. I have had a quick search on line and tried some of the suggestions there - i moved from Putty to Hyperterminal, and again re-booted - nothing. I have also re-booted several time while holding the select button on the front for 15 seconds - again nothing. I have stepped down the baud rate - nothing.

Other information - on boot, the LED at the top front left (sorry the device is not in front of me) comes on green and stays there - i have not detected any other LED sequence changes - on or off. It seems to me that is stuck in the early stages of the boot.

I am far from a Cisco expert, but i have a solid background in comms, system "log ins" and boot sequences etc, but please give me some ideas on what could be wrong and how i might be able to move path this?


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