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I am looking at using VIRL or CCIE lab builder for CCIE studies alongside tokens. It is said that VIRL registration is for a year but I am wondering whether I can work on it for as much as I want just like working on GNS3? Would have to pay for new keys after one year of use? I just need more inside into how it works.
Also, how does CCIE lab builder compare to VIRL in terms of performance and also given that it has a twenty node limit. Would that be good for the CCIE labs? Can I integrate VIRL licenses into GNS3 legally?
I would be pleased with any suggestions.

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    After 1 year VIRL will stop. I think u can find a lot of videos about how VIRL works.

    CCIE lab builder is online, Internet access needed; VIRL is offline at your home.
    Both are OK for INE WB labbing as Brian M. made those labs under 20 nodes.

    If u got IOS 15.x for GNS3, u can use it, no need to purchase VIRL.
    Haven't check GNS3 recently, do they provide IOL?

    Legally, probably not.

    For INE TS and more nodes then 20, u can rent a rack from INE


  • Thanks Martinl for the answer. GNS3 does not provide the IOL/IOU images. I meant to ask if IOSvL2 from VIRL can be integrated into GNS 3 for layer 2 switching. I see some materials on it but I just needed a second opinion.

  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    so GNS3 ppl build new server to handle IOL but they don't provide images..... OK.
    NOt sure if IOSv2 will work. like u said, some say yes

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