CCNP Routing and Switch All Access Pass

Is anyone else using the all access pass to go through the CCNP R&S material, and total lost on what is current and old. I am unable to find a course or coherent path of courses that contains the 300-115 SWITCH blueprint content. I must admit that I have never used the all access pass portal before, but unfortunately I made the mistake of recommending it to my company, based on my experience with owning the standard advance technology training packages, for us to purchase for our junior engineers. It is painful to use - what's currently relevant vs what is not.

One top of that, I have use INE for years and have been very pleased with Brian's M's many videos for my CCNP and later CCIE R&S journey. When my junior engineers showed me Rob Riker's videos, I was shocked that INE would have put that content under its name. It is just unprepared madness, not up to INE par. Watching him stumble around on the Trunking and VTP Concepts and again on the VTP config videos shows that he lacks the experience needed to lead such training. Simple things like knowing that you can hit enter to return to a telnet session after jumping back via [CTRL][SHIFT][6][X] or that you have to type exit instead of end to complete VLAN changes and force a sync on older IOS, seemed to confuse him. There's also a weird explanation about ports randomly changing to numerous other VLAN (vs VLANs becoming disabled) due to VTP sync issues. All this lack of smoothness, confidence, and constant stumbling around made it obvious that the real world experience behind the certs is missing.

INE, please pull these if his classes are really not the current curriculum or truly needed because of gaps in other training. The last thing we need are future engineers zoning out because they have lost confidence in their teacher's ability. I have about 10 that work for me that have already expressed concerns. I am sure he is brilliant, but needs the time to truly be able to navigate the basics of the CLI with confidence and charisma. I know it is an expensive investment for Brian to do these classes due to the demand in him teaching the onsite CCIE classes, but young engineers need his level of clarity and training charisma. I believe that you will see a boost in online sales if you invest in more exciting and believable CCNP R&S trainers.

Also, please figure out a way to layout the training on the all access portal in a way that clearly captures what is most relevant and modern for each test on the CCNP tracks.

I am still a fan, but disappointed. I know Brian and Brian once had a dream about great training that you all can get back to.


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