EPG Communication


How do we allow communication between EPGs under different Application Profiles ? I know that with contracts I can allow communication between EPGs but this applies when the EPGs are under the same Application Profile.


Antonio Soares, CCIE #18473 (RS/SP/DC)
[email protected]


  • this should works: from each Tenant, let's say a & b, choose Tenant - a/b - Security Policies - Contracts - a/b, Click Policy, Scope: Global.
    please correct me if I was wrong

  • if the application profile is under same tenant then you have to configure contract, one EPG will consume the contract and other will provide the the contract.

    And if both are in different tenant then you have to export and import the contract.

    or you can do the ASAv integration in your ACI and allow the restrict the communication on the basis of destination port.

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