Fastport with trunkport

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Question 1 Switch Port will still receive BPDUs even we have enabled port fast feature. right?

Second question is. Can i enable portfast on trunk port? i heard when we enable fastport on trunk port then loop can be created. but how ? if BPDU are still receiving.


  • GabeGabe ✭✭

    Question 1: Yes
    Question 2: Yes, you can "spanning-tree portfast trunk". No, in my opinion this is a misconception people have because they think BPDUs are not sent/received

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    The "spanning-tree portfast trunk" is useful when you are connecting to a hypervisor or a server that can read dot1q tags. I am pretty sure that if you enable it on an interface towards another switch, once it detects the bpdu's coming from the other side it will disable the portfast features and fall back to whatever SPT mode you are running.

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