CUBE regular redundancy licensing question

Hello....we are migrating to SIP CUBE regular redundancy setup (active/standby)....where we will have 2 CUBE routers with HA/HSRP in the same data center sharing the we need to buy 300 SIP sessions for each CUBE, or can we buy 1 set of 300 sessions and somehow move it to the backup upon failure of the primary router?


  • Hi vs8624

    The license for CUBE, if you have license as

    ++ The " RED " keyword means its for Redundancy feature
    ++ The Redundancy license applies to box-to-box redundancy in an Active/Standby deployment ( HSRP config )
    This works in Active/Standby scenario

    Geographic redundancy: Use Single-Use CUBE License
    ++ If you need geographic redundancy, each box is licensed with Single-Use CUBE License
    This works in Active/Active scenario

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