Cisco FTD5500X upgrade from 6.1 up to 6.2

Attaching My experience to upgrade Cisco 5500X FTD manage from FTD device manager from ver 6.1 to ver 6.2

Cisco ASA 5500X FTD Unified image
Software upgrade procedure
Prerequisites :
Download proper image from Cisco and Have FTP server ready
firepower login: admin
Password: Admin123


[email protected]:~$ cd /var/sf/updates/
[email protected]:/var/sf/updates$ sudo wget ftp://admin:[email protected]/
[email protected]:/var/sf/updates$ sudo /var/sf/updates/
Upgrade process takes 1.5 to 2 hours

after 1.5 -2 hours device will rebooted itself


Scheduling a reboot to occur in 60 seconds...
[email protected]:/var/sf/updates$
[email protected]:/var/sf/updates$


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