CCIE SP v4 Assessment Lab Initial Configs and Answers


I am studying for the CCIE SP lab and I have been successfully using INE SPv4. The advanced technologies workbook is great and with proper documentation. However, when you get to the assessment and troubleshooting labs, the initial configs are not shown in a clear and organized matter like the rest of the workbook. They are shown in some VIRL file instead of in a folder with a text file for each device. Not everyone will be using VIRL and it is much clearer to read the text file anyhow.

Also, there is no file containing the answers to the Assessments labs. I would like to see the answers documented on per task basis alongside with the proper verification like the rest of the workbook/advanced technologies. Much appreciate if you folks can fix this documentation issue in order to continue my journey with INE.

Thank you,
Rene CCIE#23293


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