INE Assessment Lab 1 bgp vpnv4 connectivity for data traffic

Hi Guys,

I am a bit stuck in the INE Assessment lab 1, point 3.4, where three ASes are connecting in a row via bgpvpn4 and vpnv6. i have the routes installed but there is no ping traffic passing through, although i can see all labels are properly allocated etc. has anyone done this first assessment lab 1? below is the diagram.


  • Hi islamgul ,

    I have a strange problem. XR4 is not advertising the VPNV4/VPNV6 routes received from RR's (R2&XR2) to R9 and vice versa. I have configured retain route-target all in XR4 and the routes are showing as best in XR4 but showing as "not advertised to any peer" and there is no local label for the VPNV4/VPNV6 prefix

  • Hi All,

    Any inputs.

  • Hi arun, i'm facing the same issue. how did you manage to solve the issue? many thanks

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