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i'm new here and just signed up and finding it difficult to find a very descriptive documentation of what equipment to use for lab work. I like how the CCIE workbook has a session on the workbook for a virtual lab and physical lab build out and what equipment is required.

I feel like this should the first page on the CCNP v2 workbook but i understand if INE wants us to use their rack rentals.

I guess my question is, do we need to study and have serial links on our labs? can we use crs100v via esxi with sub interfaces to connect the virtual world with the physical world and eliminate the need of physical router to do all lab work?

please feel free to point in the right direction if there is another thread with this info.



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    Hi Dan,
    i will give you two Solutions and you may use either one :
    1) use GNS3 for Routing, and Real Switches for Switching (you may buy 4
    switches off Ebay for under 60 Dollars each)
    this is a Viable solution since in CCNP , Routing and Switching are two separate exams, hence 95% percent of the labs can be done independently.
    i would recommend that you buy 3550 switches or 3560's, note that there are different models and ios support for those switches, i recommend that you get one of the following switches: (3560/3560G/3750/3750G) for 90-95% support
    and one of the following (3560E/3560X/3750E/3750X) for a 100% support
    2) use INE Rack rentals, since it's a complete solution on it's own , and it will
    save you the time you usually spend creating your topologies and making it
    work(i used this option for 65% of my CCIE Studies)
    3) use VIRL for both routing and switching (and use GNS3 for Serial "WAN"
    technologies ) since VirL doesn't support Serial interfaces, you may use
    GNS3 as an option for those technologies.

    regarding the CSR100v , it's an image that came from the ASR1000 routers, running in actual productions, and they best run on Virl, but you can also run them on GNS3, or Directly into ESXi as you noted above, note that i did not mention ESXo (also know as VMWARE Hypersphere ) simply because i believe it's too much of work for CCNP.

    If you need me, @Bugazia Me, and i'll be there .

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