RISE Mode on 7K using VDC with Prime NAM

Hi... I really don't know if there is a truly relevant place for this in the forums so apologies in advance............ I'll move it if there is somewhere better.

I am installing a Prime NAM 2404 to a Nexus 7K environment that is using VDC's and I want the NAM to span the VDC's. What I am struggling with is the best install for this as there doesn't seem to be a great amount of information on this.

As an example, I am assuming that I can get the management IP from anywhere as with any other device, but then the documentation talks about the management port and the data ports being allowed to have the same IP address.... why do the data ports even need an IP address?

My next issue is why RISSE is not available as feature in the Admin VDC but that is the context that seems most logical to me for the install. RISE is only available in production VDC as a feature so I wonder on how you are supposed to move a data port to a different VDC when it is on a port assigned to a specific VDC.

Is anyone able to help?

Many thanks

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