Downloading vs. Streaming (CCNP Bundle)

Looking at getting the CCNP v2 bundle that's currently on sale. This will be my first INE product and I'm a little confused about the option betwene Streaming (2 years) and download.

  • Ultimately what is the actual difference between the two apart from the obvious fact of (download vs. stream)
  • Is the download option a one shot (once I download my content am I then barred from downloading it again)?
  • How long do I have to download the product?
  • Can I still stream if I download?


  • rmclainrmclain admin
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    Excellent question!
    The download option gives you three different formats to download for offline viewing. You can download each video in the course up to 5 times and you have access to the product for the life of the account. However updates to the course, say from V2 to V3 are not free. With streaming access, you can watch the courses only with a internet connection. This is done either via the mobile app, Apple TV app or on the web. If you were to purchase the 2 year streaming of the CCNP bundle, then when the product shifts to Version 3 you would receive those updates for the remainder of your streaming term. At this time streaming versions are not available for offline viewing.

    Hope this helps to clear up some of your concerns.

  • BugaziaBugazia ✭✭✭

    Okay let's do a Comparison here :
    1) Streaming :
    - pros:
    as the name implies, you will be able to stream all the INE materials regardless, for 2
    years without restrictions.
    - cons :
    if you have a bad internet provider then you will have a hard time viewing the
    2) CCNP Bundle (Download) :

    • pros:
      you get access to a dash board (the same Dashboard as the stream options) but you will only have the Videos in your bundle available for download in three different Qualities.
      the workbook will also be available online, but you can download it in an HTML format but i recommend you view the workbook Online , also rack rental time provided in your CCNP bundle will be accessible there.

    • Bonus Tip : if you buy an external Hard drive from INE, you can request them to download all of your CCNP bundle into that Hard drive (after you have bought the bundle), in all qualities available , and ship it to you.

    • cons: unlike the streaming (All Access Pass) you only have a limited courses you can view (Hence, the CCNP Bundle you ordered)
      i hope that i answered your question clearly, lemme know if you needed anymore help, have a nice day :)

    If you need me, @Bugazia Me, and i'll be there .

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