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    The Difference between PVRSTP+ AND RPVSTP+ :
    there are no differences between both acronyms you just posted, both are short for : Rapid per-Vlan Spanning-tree protocol
    to proof what i said, let's breakdown the names and meaning:

    • the "PV" part (in PVRSTP+ AND RPVSTP+) means that the protocol supports
      per Vlan spanning-tree (meaning that you can have different spanning-tree instances
      for each vlan, and set different RootBridge for each vlan, which in return you can
      have some sort of load balancing where each vlan has it's own "tree") which is a
      feature on Cisco routers only.(non Cisco switches support normal STP which runs
      one Spanning-tree instance for all vlans)

    • the "STP" ( in PVRSTP + AND RPVSTP + ) , obviously means Spanning-tree Protocol.

    • the "+" (in PVRSTP+ AND RPVSTP+ ) means that it's backward compatible
      with the normal (single instance) Spanning-tree (802.1q)

    • the "R" ( in PVRSTP+ AND RPVSTP+ ) means it's Rapid (Rapid spanning-tree, 802.1w) which is a better deployment of STP that supports faster convergence of spanning-tree(sub-second convergence)

    i hope that my answer was helpful, let me know if you needed anymore assistance :)

    If you need me, @Bugazia Me, and i'll be there .

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