Filtering with Extended Access-Lists

Dumb question here and I know am probably over thinking this. 

Lab solution: distribute-list 100 in Tunnel0

My solution: distribute-list 100 in


Where 100 is the access-list specified in the solution of the lab (and on my solution too). 

The first task in this lab is to disable R5’s Ethernet link to R4, leaving the Tunnel0 interface as the only interface from where R5 could learn the prefixes specified in the subsequent tasks (R5 won't learn the the specified prefixes from G1.5 nor G1.58). However, the lab indicates that the correct command to achieve the required outcome is 'distribute-list 100 in Tunnel0'. Is the 'Tunnel0' bit really necessary? My solution (which achieves what is required) does not include the Tunnel0 bit: 'distribute-list 100 in'. Does the solution provided by the lab fall under a "best practice"scenario? And if so, would I be penalised in the actual lab for using my solution?




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