MFR, MPPP over Frame-Relay to do load-balancing

Hi all,

I have attached my configs for this scenarios, don't get me wrong, I can already configure load-balancing using the variance command on the 3 links.  MFR, Serial, PPP.  I only have concerns on the excess Virtual access interfaces that are automatically created and are not being used.  I would like to know if my configs lacking or overdoing it?  I would like to know if this is a normal behavior for MPPP as well?


You can just fire up GNS3or any other hypervisor you use, and edit the interfaces, I am really just curious how come there are so many virtual access interfaces created but when I look at the routing table, it only uses 1?


Just click on my name and you will see the zip file that I have attached.

Any inputs gladly appreciated!


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