6.2 Multicast Connectivity Issue


I have an issue occurring with this task when I complete the configuration as per solution. 

From task 5.5 we get the EIGRP routes from site HOUSTON into RENO via VPNV4 from R12. As a results we have an EIGRP Extenal route with AD 170 towards the multicast source. So RPF for R6 goes to R9, and for R7 it goes via R6. Only once we hit R9 are we going through BGP. 

Is this intended? Could not find anything in the solution mentioning this. Only reference is for the loop converning the 150.2.x.x addresses.






  • Hi Timmy,

    This scenario is the same as in Mock Lab 1 Trouble-shooting section.

    Yes its intended that unicast routing from RENO to HOUSTON is via the MPLS cloud whereas the multicast RFF chech is through MBGP R9-R5-ISP-R1,



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