CCIE RSv5 LAB - QoS blueprint

Hi guys,

I am confused with the CCIE RS Lab blueprint on QoS and basically if implementing QoS on 3560 switches is in the scope or not. I would be very surprised if it is not but looking at the blueprint, the answer becomes vague..

The v5 lab blueprint says in section 5.2.a "Implement and troubleshoot end to end QoS" and on 5.2.a (i) it says "CoS and DSCP mapping". I am not sure how to interpret this.. Doesn't end to end QoS include QoS on switches?

My dooubts started especially after seeing that the QoS section of the INE WB does not have any QoS for switches..

Does anybody know for sure?


  • Hi Martin,

    I thought that the exam's IOU version supports all the features that a 3560 switch has.

    In my lab environment i use the i86bi-linux-l2-adventerprise-15.1b.bin and since i saw that many features are not supported (e.g port-channels, storm-control, (r/er)span, igmp snooping, DAI, and more.. ), I have used Rack Rentals to familiarize myself with them.


    Should i expect the same behaviour in the exam as what i see in my home lab for IOU in general ?

  • I haven't seen what the NDA says and i thought that only asking about exam questions would break the NDA.

    I just became curious based on what you said. In any case, an expert has to know at least all the blueprint topics, so we can consider my question invalid since it is not going to help me or anyone else..

    Thanks a lot! :-)

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