CCNAv3 ICND1 Lab Workbook is complete!

Yes, the moment you have been waiting for is here!  INE's new CCNAv3 ICND1 Lab Workbook is now available for AAP members, and those of you who purchased a CCNA product that included the workbooks.

The workbook contains a large variety of tasks for you to accomplish, complete with solutions.  And one of the new features of this workbook is a large, 15-section "Challenge Lab" at the end.  Take the challenge and see if you can complete it start-to-finish without peeking at the solutions!

The ICND1 Workbook can be located in your INE Members account under the "Workbooks" section.  Enjoy!


  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    ok, thanks

  • Is it only me that can't seem to find the workbook under my all access account?


    The link you have send works fine, but can't see the labs, and there are no link for the new ccna lab book under my workbooks in the member area. The Old CCNA workbook are there.


  • I was told that the workbook should now be visible.  Perhaps someone in our company forgot to check a box or something.  Can you please contact INE Support (or Sales) with your concern?  They should be able to get it fixed for you.  Thanks!

  • The issues surrounding visibility of the Workbook in your Member's Account should now be fixed.  Please let me know if you are still unable to access it. Thanks!

  • Where can we get the configs for the lab to practice at home?

  • lancen1999: To access the configurations select the "Workbooks" tab from the Member Dashboard, then select the "CCNA v3 Routing & Switching Lab Workbook" from the list of workbooks. You will then be taken to the lab workbook page. From there select the lab you want to practice. For this example, I'm using the 1.8 VLANs lab.

    A new page with the lab diagram at the top, the tasks below that, and a contents navigation bar to the left will be displayed. Click on the "Contents" navigation bar to the left and a pane will expand. Click on the first link there "CCNAv3 (ICND1) Routing & Switching Lab Resources" to expand that entry. Select the first link, "CCNAv3(ICND1) Routing & Switching Topology Diagrams and Initial Configurations". On the right-hand side of the web page there is a box/link titled "Resources". Click on that to download the configurations.

  • Is there a PDF of the workbook yet? I find it much more valuable to use a printed workbook because can make notes, put in yellow stickies, and otherwise annotate the workbook.

  • Hi,

    does this make the old workbook obsolete ?

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