Advanced Technologies OSPF over DMVPN lab

I was working on the OSPF over DMVPN lab.

  • Configure OSPF area 0 on R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5’s connection to the DMVPN network:
    • Use process ID of 1.
    • Advertise Loopback0 prefixes of R1 - R2 into area 0.
    • Advertise Loopback0 prefixes of R3 - R4 into area Y, where Y is the router number.
    • Use a single network command on the DMVPN hub, which is R5.
    • Use only interface-level commands on the DMVPN spokes.
  • Change the default OSPF network type to non-broadcast.
  • Ensure that you have IP connectivity between Loopback0 prefixes of the DMVPN routers.

I guess I had it wrong because I configured OSPF on the physical interfaces that connect into the DMVPN architecture. So what was the hint in here that I needed to configure on the tunnel interfaces? 
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