Need study materials: service-instances

Hello all,

I am looking for INE videos to study service-instances. 

I believe the keyword is EVC, but maybe there is other related terminology.

If these INE videos exist, can someone point me to them?

Very much appreciated!


  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    I do not see Cisco reading or INE materials.  I am confused as to the reason for this. 

    It could be that I am not looking in the right locations or need to use different terminology for my search.   I still need study materials for the different configurations of 

    interface X/Y
       service instance XXX ethernet
           encapsulation ......
           rewrite .....
           bridge-domain XXZZ


    This became a real issue for me, when I was working with double-tagging.  I need to understand the chess-game better...the pop's, rewrite's, and bridge-domain's.  Thanks for any help in finding study materials.

              encapsulation dot1q XXXX second-dot1q ZZZZ
              bridge-domain XXXX



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