Help with ping and subnets

Hello guys,

I have a couple of questions.

Question 1.

If I have two routers or hosts with thesame ip address but different subnet masks and if iam pinging the ip address which host would  respond? Supposed that the network is connected by layer 3 switches.

Host A: Ip address

default gateway


Host B: Ip address

default gateway

If I have a pc in the first network ( and if I ping, which of the hosts (A or B) is going to respond? Also what if the PC sending the ping is on a different subnet from host A or host B?



How do we know the mask of the public ip address we are pinging. Could it be a class A, B or C address? Or is tharer a standard?

Thank you for your responses.




  • peetypeety ✭✭

    See the reply I made to your other post. Question 1 doesn't work, as the router won't accept that configuration. Question 2 suggests that you think classful addresses still matter; fact is, they don't. Decades ago, they did matter slightly, but it was really simple: Class A had a first octet of 0-127 or a first bit of 0, Class B had a first octet of 128-191 or a first two bits of 10, Class C had a first octet of 192-223 or a first three bits of 110, Class D had a first octet of 224-239 or a first four bits of 1110, and Class E had a first octet of 240-255 or a first four bits of 1111.

  • MartinlMartinl ✭✭✭

    Same as your previous post.  If u new or comeback after long break, the system will delay your post untill admin approves it.i guess u posted once and did not see topic right away, then u reposted. 

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