Video Playback Issues in Chrome

Hello everyone!

I have been having AAP video playback issues in chrome since early March.  The videos will lag and freeze up and I will have to pause and unpause in order to resume them, only to have the issue recur within 30 seconds.  The issue is greatly exagerrated if playspeed is altered.

I have reproduced this issue both at home and at work on different computers and ISPs.  I have cleared my chrome cache and disabled any addons on each computer.  I am using the JWPlayer (with flash disabled).

I do not have any issues loading up videos on any speed or resolution in Internet Explorer.  Has anyone else encountered this issue? My current workaround is to use Internet explorer but I would prefer Chrome.



  • I'm having a similar issue. Video plays fine at regular speed in Chrome and Firefox. However at 1.25x it will pause like you said. 


    I'm using Linux so I don't have IE. I tried on a Macbook with the same browsers with the same results.

  • Hello,

    I have the same issue for weeks, and it doesnt matter which browser is used.
    ( I have tried with FF, Chrome, Opera)

    As long as you watch the video in normal speed everything works fine ( ... but slow ;-)

    One I enable any faster speed, it works fine for some seconds (around 30 as stated) and then it stops.

    I have seen there are new options in the video playback module. Maybe it is related to this?
    I see a pop up of an icon and a few seconds later it stops.

    Once it has stopped, and you start the video again, the video starts from a few seconds earlier than it stopped, and works again only for a few seconds.

    Is this related to the new functionality? Or is this a general streaming issue? that the streaming server cannot provide the video fast enough?


  • Same. I've tried three different OSs and different browsers on each. IE, Firefox, and Chrome all have the same issues exactly as you described.

  • JoeMJoeM ✭✭✭

    Hey Guys,

    From what I have seen in the past with video issus, it normally seems to happen with just a subset of the videos.  Maybe an encoding issue.....with just some videos.

    I do not work for support, but it might be helpful if you can verify what your case is.   I am thinking that if it is ALL videos, then it may be an issue on your side.  Maybe someone can verify if there are still two versions of videos:  flash and html5

    By the way, this weekend i had no problem with videos in FireFox. 

  • Good call. So far it's occurred on the CCIE R/S Written Layer 2 Technologies and CCIE R/S ATC OSPF. I also just tested the first EIGRP video in the CCIE R/S ATC series. They all do the same thing where they are a bit jerky, they buffer very briefly then they pause. You have to click twice to actually pause the video then unpause it.


    It used to work fine then stopped working late February I'd say. So I've replayed some videos just now (CCIE R/S Written) that I'm reasonably sure worked before at 1.25x speed.

  • Thanks for your reply, Joe.

    So it seems not everybody is affected by the issue. Which also explains why it is still not well-known, and fixed!

    I have tested different videos, random videos from VMWare, Cisco (what I normally watch) and Microsoft, and all show the same issue. As soon as I enabled fast playback the videos stop after some time.

    I am not sure if the "skip 10 seconds back" is the issue or just the poor performance from the streaming platform.
    I am located in Eastern Europe and I have the issue for quite some time, with different laptops, browsers, times, and so on.

    I have tried different places, with quite good bandwidth and never had any issues with normal playback!
    I do NOT want to rule out that some of the ISPs are limiting the speed ;-) but someone should take a look, if there is a general issue with video playback for certain regions (streaming platform?).

    Most of the last year (and before) it was fine and at one point my issues started. And it is quite irritating. I am so much used to watch the videos in fast playback.


  • So I started on the BGP videos in the R/S ATC and they play fine at 1.25 speed in Firefox on Linux and Windows.

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