CCIE home LAB Hardware

Good Morning

i am trying to build home lab " virtual router and physical switches" (two ws-3750E-24 port , one ws-3560G-24 port and ws-2960- 48 port

all switches have 15.OS.

1. i checked on saperate discussion that all four switches will work because it has 15.OS . please advice i should replace it with 3750 E.

2. Do i need treminal console server like " digi 5000719-01 (16 port) i dont know this model support web interface. or i should buy cisco 2511 and 2511 will work for terminal server . i notice terninal server is not showing in INE topology. 

please provide all option.

3. i am using dell poweredge r610 server and it has two nic card. do i still need brakeout switch.


please advice if i missing anything from hardware side for V5 lab



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