INE topology will not work with VIRL ?

HI I bougt recently VIRL ,but encountered that the device number will be 20 instead of 30 ,so it means it is impossible to run INE CCIE v5 topology as I understand ,is it true ? Will be there any update from INE team regarding labs for VIRL ?


Thanks ! 


  • And what about Full Scale,Troubleshooting and Mock labs ?


    20 should be ok for doing workbook stuff, advanced tech labs. how many devices do u need?



  • use gns3 or eve-ng. no limit on devices.

  • Yes ,that's true ,but sometimes GNS is crashing ,especially when update is released :D

  • Its partially correct that GNS3/eve-ng run IOL. Both of two can run QEMU images also, which means any thing can be virtualized and CSR is included. You can run as many CSRs as you like along with asa, fortinet, palo alto, windows, linux, F5 ans so many others. Only real limitiation is your hardware specs. I never run IOL for my labs as it seems buggy. I always run IOSv routers and switches.


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